USA Jumps, LLC Rental Policy

USA Jumps, LLC Rental Policy

No food or drink inside or near inflatables. We want our units to look great each and every time someone rents from us. Inflatables and food/drink do not mix.

No sharp objects or pets of any kind inside or near inflatables. Bounce houses rely on trapped air to operate properly. If deflated suddenly because of a sharp object tear, risk of injury is greater for anyone inside. Please remove any glasses, belts, big earrings, or sharp objects in pockets such as keys before entering.

No silly string or temporary tattoos in or around our inflatables. Both are very destructive to the material and will cause permanent damage.

Inflatables must be supervised at all times by a trained adult while in use. While inflatables are extremely safe, we don't want any curious kids to ever have an opportunity to get hurt due to lack of adult supervision.

No shoes or sandals on or inside inflatables. They can wear the surface of a unit down extremely fast. Socks or barefoot is preferred.

Absolutely no water or wet persons in/on any designated "dry only" inflatable. Our "dry only" inflatables are not designed to hold up to water use. The seams will wear out and split at a faster rate. Additionally, it cuts down on the amount of possible dirt/mud that can be tracked into the unit. All dry units found with water/mud in/on them will be assessed an automatic minimum $75 cleaning fee. (This rule does not apply to any unit designated as a wet/dry item on our site.)

Once a tent or bounce house is set up by our delivery team, they are not to be relocated. USA Jumps, LLC stakes/weighs down every unit we rent to ensure proper safety. We cannot be held responsible for anyone who breaks this very important rule.

Make sure the setup area to be used is cleaned of any sticks, rocks, trash, animal feces, or any other potentially damaging item that could harm the rental unit. If an area is determined to be unsafe because of ground obstacles, our team will try to accommodate if time allows. However, we retain the right to cancel the delivery at any time upon arrival and refund your order (minus the deposit) if no suitable areas to set up are found.

Lessee must be present during delivery to sign contract and show our team where they would like to set up.

Observe and obey all clearly marked manufacturer rules/guidelines/precautions on any rented unit from USA Jumps, LLC.

Rental Times

Our base rental time is by the day. For weekend rentals, we generally try to deliver on Friday and pick up on Monday. Once booked, we will call to discuss the most convenient delivery time to ensure someone will be there to show us where to setup. Rates will display upon checkout taking event time into consideration.

Weather Delays/Cancellations

Sometimes weather cannot be helped when it comes to inflatables or other party rentals. We have two cancellation policies, the first being for weather. If a rental is canceled by the customer the day of the event due to poor weather like rain or high winds (chance of rain >60% or winds above 20 MPH), then a "rain check" for that event shall be issued and kept on file for 1 year. You may use this rain check on any available date during that year. If our delivery team arrives at your site to setup then no refunds will be given regardless of weather. This is because we have to pay our staff for their hard work so be sure to call before delivery time if you feel the need to cancel due to weather.

Our second general cancellation policy is fully refundable if you cancel your order for any reason at least 14 days prior to your rental date/time. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to your rental you will be given a rain check that is good for 1 year.

We reserve the right to cancel and issue a full refund if we feel the weather could cause damage to our equipment or the safety of the participants.


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